Meaning of Sumiyoshi-Kai

So there I was at the Globe Pub hanging out with my friends Bryn and Jenny, and I was wearing my Sumiyoshi-Kai t-shirt.  Jenny and Bryn both questioned what the meaning of the Kanji on the t-shirt said.  I assumed it meant Sumiyoshi- Kai? But they told me it was a chinese figure, something about people.  So I  was like? UhOh what does it mean.. So how do I find out what it says? I can’t actually ask a Yakuza, seeing as I live on the North Side of Chicago.  So I asked Jake Adelstien on Twitter, he graciously responded:

Jake Adelstein@jakeadelstein

@eltiger11 住 means to live 吉 means lucky 会 means association. An apt name for a gambling federation. 住吉会 Originally 住吉連合会

Yeah it might be lucky for them, I don’t think fixing a bet is much of a gamble…But there it is..


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