Yakuza Clans: Sumiyoshi-Kai

The Sumiyoshi-Kai is the second largest Yakuza group in Japan with an estimated 10,000 members.  The structure of this group is much looser federation than their larger Rival the Yamaguchi-gumi.  This group is made up of 177 clans. The Kumicho is Shingeo Nishiguchi, while being supreme leader, he share leadership with others.

This group is involved in gambling, extortion, human traficking, finacial market manipulating, land swindles among other things. This group has had open warfare with its larger rival in recent years.  Its passt Kumicho was killed by the Yamaguchi-Gumi.

The Sumiyoshi-kai were involved in assisting the victims of the 2011 disasters.  They opened their offices, one leader even opened his office to giajin which is surprising.  This behavior was down played by the state, it didn’t want the general public to know the Yakuza were better prepared to respond to the needs of the people than they were.


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