Yakuza news: Goverment Crack Down

The biggest thing hitting the Yakuza is the current attempt at cracking down on them.  The article from the Japan Times discusses the effect of these crackdowns, they have had  unintended side effects.  The biggest one is forcing some Yakuza to quit or at least it strongly encourages them to quit, while providing no means to make it happen.  The article discusses some Yakuza, who do want to quit and not being able to, because of the stigma and effect of the Anit-Yakuza Laws.  Yakuza who want to quit, are stuck in some cases because they are barred from working, renting apartments, and other ordinary parts of society.  This situation causes some Yakuza to become more entrenched based on a belief that there is no hope and no other choice.  This is a good article on an important issue in Japan.  http://www.japantimes.co.jp/text/fd20120304bj.html


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