Young Yakuza

This documentary does a good job shining a light on the Yakuza its role in modern Japan, as well as the life of an entry level Yakuza.  This is a modern film released in 2007.  It reflects the changes that have occurred due to the government crack down on the Yakuza.  In the film they discuss and give example of the governments no criminals allowed campaign which is meant to keep the Yakuza out of markets and stores.   This campaign is illustrated by door stickers which state no Yakuza allowed basically.   This campaign extends to harsher sentences in the criminal justice system.

The other focus of this film is on the life of an apprentice Yakuza.  The relationship of Yakuza and society is illustrated by an opening scene where the Yakuza is discussing with a mother about the Yakuza clan “adopting” her son. This is almost bizarre, the American Mafia, would never approach a mother about her son.  The idea that Yakuza is a viable career choice struck me as bizarre.  The life of a Yakuza, is a spartan almost monkish existence.  They spend their days and night learning about obedience to their “executives.”   This movie uses days on the screen to show the acceleration of time in the apprenticeship.

As a documentary, I liked it.  There is a tension which runs through this film which makes it at times uncomfortable, the whole time you wait for the other shoe to drop.  I enjoyed this documentary, it was well done.  Only advice, remember the names of the main characters, it can be confusing as the movie moves forward.

I am attaching the link to this documentary, it can be found on snagfilms which is a documentary hosting site.


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