This is an article discussing the United States government imposing sanctions on Japan, until they crack down on the Yakuza.  The U.S. saying that Yakuza is a direct threat to global capitalism.  The government is developing sanctions against a the Japanese government based upon the openness of the relationship between the Yakuza and government…

The modern current class of Yakuza are under attack from their government and now the international community.  You know as I think about it, the U.S. again are being hypocritical in their foreign policy.  I submit the case of Colombia.  Our government-funded the Government of Uribe extensively through Plan Colombia,  The Government of Alvaro Uribe had extensive ties to Narco Traffickers as well as to their own death squads.  No sanctions for them.  Sorry that was an aside…

As Japan faces the issue of the Yakuza, it will be interesting to see how the Yakuza will adapt their business practices, but I’m confident in the end they will adapt and carry on much as how the American Mafia adjusted and adapted to the crackdown.



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