So I have to admit this is not my original idea, Yakuza v. Mafia.  It came from a show called “Deadliest Warriors.”   This show compared murdering implements. For the Mafia of the 30’s they had the Tommy Gun, Malotov, Ice Pick, and Baseball Bat, for the Yakuza from the 40’s after the war, they had a Sten Gun, a Si, Porcelain grenade, and a p-38 pistol.   They went through the weapons and their effects, through simulations and scientific tests.   They than took the information and ran it through battle simulations.  The mafia won something like 60% of the time based upon all the factors. They than filmed a simulation.  I am attaching the simulation.    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yb-eqiyEQ-0

Thats  “science” and all, definitely a Western Bias…  It made me think for me who would win not as Deadliest Warrior, but how about a comparison the most Romantized, sensationalized, fantastic organized crime group..

The first category  Cool Looks–  Now for the Mafia you could go two ways, one matching velour track suit with gold chains or Shark Skin Suit…Yakuza  a black suit and with black tie black sun-glasses….Winner Yakuza

Ultra Secret Bad Guy ceremony  Mafia code of Omerta oath, when executed correctly can be pretty cool bad guy oath.  The new inductees to the Cosa Nostra, are forced to burn a fortune tellers card in their hand as they pledge that they will always be silent of the deeds of the mob, under penalty of death.  ( As far Back as Joe Valachi, has shown it can be broken.)   The Yakuza Yubitsume, finger shortening ceremony.  This being the sign of allegiance to the godfather, by the cutting off of the tip of your pinky finger.   Winner Mafia The Yakuza ceremony is a little harsh…

Ominous bad guy Meal–  This is when the Yakuza or Mafia are approached in movies or on T.V.  shows, they are always eating, now for the Mafia Pasta with marinara and meatballs,  they are always seemed to be eating that meal, with a white handkerchief in thier shirt.   The Yakuza would be eating noodles as well, but with chopsticks, occasionally emphasizing a point by pointing them.   This one is tough, the Mafia member eating the pasta looks more like an evil pig, very effective, it would be funny if they eat health food all the time, but when vic shows up they start eating the pasta… Winner Mafia

This leg of the contest goes to the Mafia.  I will compare more aspects in later issues.


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