Rahm Emanuel Yakuza

I have made a shocking discovery.  I believe that Rahm Emanuel Mayor of Chicago is Yakuza.   I put it all together, signs are all there.   If you look at that picture you can notice he is missing the top part of his middle finger.  It appears he took part in a Yubitsume ceremony.  According to Wikipedia  Yubitsume translates to finger shortening.  This ceremony was done when a soldier had made an error or a mistake and he wanted to show remorse to his godfather.

It’s clear that by the manner that he runs the city he is Yakuza.  He enriches his friends by the private deals he cuts, while extorting the average citizen.  He operates in the open defying the law.  His residency was a question, as his opposition pursued him, missed his Tokyo penthouse.

I have a suspicion that under his Brooks Brothers Suit he has a full body tattoo.  You never see him with his shirt off.

Now the fact that he is Jewish is I’m sure another way to throw people of his scent.  His Yakuza code name may be something like Rahm The Unmensch Yakuza. 

If Rahm is Yakuza, he may not be, I am speculating, correlating some interesting facts.  Than I can imagine him having his other fingers shortened for the mistakes he has made in running this city.


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