Fresh Yakuza Kut

When I started thinking about writing this blog I was in a period of obsession about Yakuzas.  The Yakuza I was obsessed about were the ones I saw in the movies.  The greasy ones.  They all had big pompadours, wrap around dark shades, and shark skin suits.   The reason I started obsessing was because I had went to see my friend Michelle a hair stylist.  I asked her to give me a rockabilly pompadour.  She gave me a tight pompadour.  Well one night after imbibing I saw my reflection in my bathroom mirror, and it struck me like a bolt of Yakuza lighting.   With my tattoos and my new hair cut I looked like I imagined a Yakuza would look like.

Now you have to ask how can I get my hair to look like a Yakuzas?  Well its simple.   I would start by going to see a professional.  Get your hair cut in that style.   The fun really becomes when you are home after you get your doo done, you have to replicate that cut.   So what do you do?  I did what every citizen of this era would do, I went to You Tube.   There apparently is a whole genre of pompadour combing videos on-line.   I included two of the ones I thought were the best.  I would say be careful, they are addicting.  This video is shot from above.  short and sweet…

So even before you decided to comb your hair like you saw in the videos, you have decide which product you would use.  There are many different techniques and products out there.  I’m gonna share my first two choices.

Number 1: Styling Glue- This product was quite a revelation for me.  Styling Glue has the look and consistency of elmers glue, a white thick milky substance.  It has some great features,  It holds great.  Its water proof and it washes out.  The Cons are that when your hair gets to long it wont help it stay up.

Number 2: Pomade (Murray’s) – It is a wax lix consistency it is good for control wild hair.  It also stays in your hair and builds up over time.  The negatives are it stays in your hair.   It does not help you build or construct the tall pompadours.

Hair Glue is my product of choice based on easy of care…

Having the proper hair cut is essential for all proper Yakuzas.


2 thoughts on “Fresh Yakuza Kut

  1. As your stylist I am very proud that you were so thorough with your research! I couldn’t have explained it better! Woot woot! :)

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