The Return of The Kultural Yakuza

I am back writing and sharing on my original blog.   I shut this down to focus exclusively on my photography blog.  I missed this site so its back.

Kultural Yakuza was originally started in March of 2012 and was last active in September 2015.   It served as an outlet for my sharing of interests and thought on many things from Japanese Cinema, Yakuza crime culture, music, football, pop culture, and life in general.

So I hope you enjoy the site.  Please leave feedback, feedback is rather important blogging.  Good or bad I welcome it.  Press the Like button if you something.


The Kultural Yakuza




Acika Tattoo Quotes

tattooformens Engravings are a vital piece of tattoo symbolization. They were utilized for tattoos since old times. Engravings regularly serve as an analysis to the pictures they sign interesting picture. At the same time simply don’t seldom unadulterated, self-tattooed engraving. Attempt to depict the procedure of making a tattoo lettering stages. Take any expression (for instance, in Latin), a colloquialism or quote from your most loved book, as a rule, anything convey some agreeable sense for the bearer tattoos. To this is included the feeling of magnificence of the picture. Tattoo lettering for men and ladies frequently do in English or Latin, some of the time in German and Russian, ought to independently recognize Chinese characters that never lose its prominence with clients. In English and Latin letters all the more intriguing, contrasted with Russian, and in them there are numerous delightful and gothic text styles. You have to choose what…

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